Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week In the Life 2014 - Sunday

This is a project I've done in the past and decided to do again with Ali Edwards. I made templates of my own based on older ones of hers and decided to go with 6x8 since I knew I could get a small album at Target or one of the craft stores and even print at home if I felt like it.

I star my week with Sunday so this is the first day. A day spent watching tv but trying to get up during every darn commercial that On Demand now includes. There was a LOT of muting and walking breaks.

And yes, that's how I feel about David Tennant. Of course, I like the happy face better but...

This year's WITL is going to be as simple as I can make it. We all know that such projects are more likely to get done if they're like that, at least for me.  Are you doing this one this year?

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Photocat said...

I might Maureen... it looks very appealing. One thing has to be said about Ali, her stuff looks good and if you follow her templates your own stuff looks good too! I am slowly finding my craft stuff back, so I might be doing something real soon... ;o))

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