Thursday, October 2, 2014

TBT: College Days in the 90s

Ok, so the 90s is not so long ago when the writer goes back to the 40s, but as I scan old images, I try to recall some things about them.  I went to the Community College after my divorce mostly because a fellow worker wanted company in a class. It was almost a lark. But eventually, I followed a course of study and graduated with an A.A. That, plus my 3 years of previous university experience allowed me to finish up my B.A. at Notre Dame of MD University - finally.

One class I took at the community college was Group Dynamics. I'm not really sure what I thought it was going to be, but it turned out to be quite a fascinating experience.  We had to form small groups, and the group I was in became quite a cohesive collection of 6? middle aged women who became comfortable sharing our real lives with each other and in class.

Barry was our teacher and while I forget his last name, he will always stick in my mind. He left the community college and went on to Vanderbilt University. I hope he is doing well where ever he is. When our class was over, we all went out to dinner with him!

Three of our group. Judy Weeks in red, who I followed to the MD General Assembly after I left the federal Senate. At the time we were both  separated from our husbands, but to my knowledge she never divorced. Dee was studying to be a phlebotomist and me with my Oyster Festival sweatshirt, an unusual outfit for me. Judy was the only one I kept in touch with as we worked close to each other until I retired.

Many people cross our lives and they each impact us in different ways. Barry and these women helped me grow.

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