Thursday, October 9, 2014

TBT: Back to 1988

Today I'm meeting up with this old friend, sadly because of a memorial service for a mutual friend on Saturday. But back in the 80s, we were at a party and it looks like it was after the 1987 Eric Clapton concert (we went ; she bought the shirt) and before the 1988 election (I'm wearing the Tom McMillen for Congress shirt).  We found a mutual interest in Eric and campaign work around that time and in being silly.

We could often 'make things happen' and get into places no one thought we could. We were magic together and my son's advice was "Mom, don't get arrested!" We didn't - as we could both sweet talk ourselves into places and out of situations.

2014...almost 30 years later,  the concert ticket prices are too high for me, we live 600+miles away from each other, and politics has become so much nastier that I just stick to voting. But while a  lot of things like that change, friendships last. I suspect being silly together can be resurrected too!

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