Monday, October 20, 2014

AAM Monday These Days I'm Making - Matzo Ball Soup

Fall is truly the season when I think of making soup. Soups for any meal. Soups that can be heavy or ones that are light. Now matzo ball soup tends to have a bad rep for huge matzo balls that are like lead. My (raised Catholic) daughter in law told me she had made this soup and was very happy with the boxed mix.

You know the mix is fresh when it's on sale round the holidays. No, not the Christmas  holiday, the Jewish  High Holy Days.

This time I had a lot of very meaty chicken thigh bones and so I decided to make stock. I was also roasting onions, carrots, and celery so some not being roasted went into the pot. I had already pulled the majority of the fat off the chicken to make gribenes.  Don't let our cardiologist know!

My stock was good but I decided that if I didn't use the broth packet in the box now, I'd probably forget it so I added more water and added the packet. More broth than I needed but so what. The matzo balls were mixed, chilled and added to the stock. I also threw in some of the meat from the chicken bones and some of the roasted veggies. A plain broth with a matzo ball or two would have been enough for me but not for the man of the house.

It was all good, and I have two portions frozen for me post-knee surgery. Gotta get that Jewish penicillin when your body has been remodeled!

In case you wonder, I am Roman Catholic on both sides of the family, but my first boyfriend at age six was Teddy Fink. His mother introduced me to the wonders of Jewish eating, including having a COKE with dinner which was totally out of my experience! In my house, I drank my milk or had water. At age 6, that was enough for me to 'fall in love' with Teddy. Coke with didn't take much to sway my heart! Today, it does take a little more. I hope!

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