Monday, October 13, 2014

AAM Monday : The Knee Saga Starts

Now that I have a date for my knee surgery, I also have a long checklist of things "I" need to do and things others have to do for me.  Mostly it's going smoothly as the system is in place and it's fairly standard.  However... there are always glitches of some sort, some small and others that make my eyes widen while I think....WHAT????

look a bit obscene to you?

My own GP's office called to say they had the paperwork for my surgery physical... total right knee replacement on Nov xyz and then a hip replacement on Jan xyz.  EXCUSE ME?!?!?!  I'm not having a hip replacement!!!  Oh, says one of the truly wonderful referral specialists my GP has, I think you had better call the surgeon's office and get them to correct that.  Yes, I really better, not that I have much intention of appearing for a 2nd surgery two months after the first. No, no thank you.  A step at a time please. Thank goodness my GP's office caught that. I can just imagine what the cost of a 'no show' for surgery might be...

Otherwise, things are going well1

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Photocat said...

O my goodness, I thought this looked more like a hip then a knee, and wondered... Now both operations would totally freak me out. So bad with all the medical stuff. I hope that you will be up and running soon enough, our knees go through so much in a life time... I hear lots of people say that the operation and recovery went better then expected, so I hope that this will be the case for you too. I will send good vibes... Let me know if you need anything!

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