Thursday, October 30, 2014

TBT: Children, Tilt Your Heads -1970s

In almost all of the photos of my dh, his head is tilted. I've often commented on it AND the fact that he holds his head tilted almost all the time in real life. Thus, I have little patience for complaints about aching necks when I suggest that a solution might be holding his head up straight. Obviously he didn't get the standard advice of the day from parents or teachers to imagine a string in the top center of his head pulling it straight up. Posture, posture!

But in seeing the photographs of his children in grade school, there it is again...the dreaded head tilt. From the oldest to the youngest. I would say this was a quirk of the American school system except their father does the same thing.  A family mystery.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week In the Life 2014 - Sunday

This is a project I've done in the past and decided to do again with Ali Edwards. I made templates of my own based on older ones of hers and decided to go with 6x8 since I knew I could get a small album at Target or one of the craft stores and even print at home if I felt like it.

I star my week with Sunday so this is the first day. A day spent watching tv but trying to get up during every darn commercial that On Demand now includes. There was a LOT of muting and walking breaks.

And yes, that's how I feel about David Tennant. Of course, I like the happy face better but...

This year's WITL is going to be as simple as I can make it. We all know that such projects are more likely to get done if they're like that, at least for me.  Are you doing this one this year?

Monday, October 27, 2014

AAM Monday: I'll Take That As a Theme Song!

Once in a while, I'll see a scrapbook challenge that appeals to me and then I promptly forget about it.  You know how it is, it's not something you plan to do immediately especially if it interrupts things like eating breakfast or doing laundry or seeing the doctor.  Actually, I can do laundry while doing most any thing as the machines are just outside my studio and I can plunk the clothes in and get on with my life.  If you have a chance to have your laundry area near your main daily workspace, go for it. But I have digressed.

When I initially saw that challenge, I knew the song would be one of the Talking Heads best but one that I always have to check on the name. Water flowing underground is what always comes back to me but it's really "Once in a Lifetime". There was something about this song that always touched me deeply and made me very conscious of the endless flowing of life beneath the surface of what we see as our lives. It usually brought me to tears. It was just one of those songs. David Byrne was like nothing I had ever experienced especially after spending the prior twenty years outside the US.

Remember kids, this was the 80s.

And the days go by...same as it ever was.

If you want to see the original video, Bryne at his most eclectic best,  here it is on YouTube.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five On Friday; October 24, 2014

Not a lot going on here that does not seem to relate to my upcoming knee surgery.  But I'm sure that's not the total case. It just feels that way.

1. My Fitbit has two silent alarms set for me to stop and do 5 minutes of walking around our downstairs. One at 11 am and the other at 2pm. The lights flash and there is a bit of a vibration/buzz. I have to tap it twice to turn it off and today was one of the first times I did it right. Oftentimes I'm just tapping and tapping.

2. We visited the Apple store to see why his phone was getting alerts from my calendar. Yeah, it was an error on his end as I presumed. But these girls caught my eye. All the sisters were trying out the new iPhone 6s. I don't know if a purchase was made but they were entranced, as was my dh.

3. Most of the garden herbs are still hanging on and still spouting new buds. A little chile pepper apparently thinks there is lots of time to go from blossom to pepper. Sorry babes, it's not going to happen.

4. What to wear to bed for the two weeks in a rehab? I do not have any nightgowns and I believe I will need them as pajamas will be a pain in the neck initially. I believe I'll look on line today.

5. Today this girl is 41. Wow, time has flown even if we weren't always having fun. Where there's life there's hope.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

TBT: Kitchen Staff is Hard to Keep

My daughter, now 41 tomorrow, said she wanted to see some images of herself to show to her daughters. Here's one from Manama Bahrain in the 80s. 

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