Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial : Word Art Stickers

I have bookmarked and saved many a tutorial that I've not tried out, so I thought this might be the time to have a go at some and share my experiences. What I often do is email the link to myself but as I try to keep my inbox down to >15 items this became a not-so-good-idea.

Something I thought I knew how to do, but obviously forgot, was how to make sticker art from fonts. I saw this tutorial on the Daily Digi for making Alphas from a font. While I could have made alphas, I rarely use them letter by letter, so I went with what I hoped to make, a word art sticker.  Finally, I tested that tutorial.

Last week, I had wanted to add a sticker to my recent  birthday lunch photos but as I say, I forgot how to do it. Here are the final results from my work with the above tutorial, with things I need to emphasize for my own benefit.  The color blue is just because I felt like it and the gray is because white wouldn't show up so well here. Both can be changed in the final use.
The font is CK Ali's Handwriting. I followed the instructions as given but put the new layer - the gray - UNDER the original writing. I believe that's what the original poster meant also. I linked the layers and kept the .psd file for my own reference. Then I edited that .psd file. I could have saved it as a merged .png at the time but I wanted to be sure I remembered what I'd done the next day! LOL Sometimes I think I'll remember but I don't. Oh well...

Once I merged the layers, I changed the gray to white and the blue to a red by using the Magic Wand to select each color I wanted changed in turn. When you do this, and get your marching ants, go to Edit, Fill Selection, and with the color you want, make sure to Preserve Transparency when you fill.

Here is my phrase, recolored and with a deep shadow.

I added that heavy drop shadow just so you could see the white outline of the red.  Always be sure and save your word art as a .png so you can keep that transparent background. If you save it as a .jpg, you'll get a white background which is not good for word art to use on top of an image.

If Barbie is having a birthday, then you might want this color. (I never would but...)  Feel free to copy this if you like.

So...did it turn out the way I wanted? Yes, it did. Just not in time for last week's post. But I hope I can now remember. If not I have this post to remind me!

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