Thursday, September 11, 2014

TBT: The Original Cat Eye Frames 1973

It's funny how if you live long enough, the things you saw in your youth come back round again. I've seen a lot of cat eye eyeglass frames these days and most of them are pretty good looking. It's a frame that suits many face shapes. However, I'm glad to see that today's version does not usually include the glitter that was on so many of the earlier versions.

Here is a photo of my dh's mother and her group of AARP members. I don't know what their award was for but I doubt it was for having twins in the group!

Edythe is in the back row, 2nd from left, next to the twins who are the only women whose glass frames are not cat eyes. Can you imagine still dressing like your twin in your 60s? It was a different world or do aging twins still do that? I have no idea.

If all this glitz has you wanting frames with bling, here's a set that can be your entry drug. Not quite up to the originals but a good start.

I also notice in this enlargement that this woman is most likely wearing a wig. These were also quite popular and I recall my mother and grandmother both had wigs as their hair was very fine and thin. The wigs were inexpensive and made of material that kept its shape but had an unusual feel. This is another fad/fashion I'd forgotten about. Again, do women still wear this kind of wig?

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