Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It was Just One of Those Days

Somehow yesterday was not the day I'd hoped it to be. While I slept well, I fell back asleep after I 'told' my FitBit that I was awake. I WAS awake but apparently fell right back asleep  ... and didn't wake up until 8am. Fortunately, no office or job expects me any time.  But I did have a mammogram appointment at 9am.  Enough time to get dreesed, put on deodorant, remember that I should not have deodorant on, wash it off, and have a cuppa tea and a hardboiled egg before heading out the door.

This was a 6 month follow up on one breast, and after getting the images done, I was called back to get another set. Sigh. While the 2nd set proved to be ok,  I now need a full mammogram in 6 months which is one year since the last full one. I had vowed to stop these after I turned 70 but ...

Since I was actually all done by 9:30 I decided to get some errands done.  Went to Target but realized in the parking lot, I really didn't need anything there. Headed to the $ store mainly for a ceiling fan pull chain. No luck on that item but got a few other things. You know you always do....Then I went to pick up a menu from the new Italian sandwich shop nearby. Bad sign - as soon as I walked in the door I could smell, not a good smell, a stink. I got the menu, realized there was nothing I'd  wanted on it  and chalked it up 'one more fast food place I won't eat in'. 

Finally headed over to Home Goods for a tray for the sugars we have beside our Nespresso machine. I got two and some Halloween cookie cutters and hated to give up my 'right in front' parking space. I don't know that I'll find one of those again for a looong time. The short walk to the store was a blessing for the aching knee.

Across the parking lot to Trader Jo's where they had BIG pumpkins for ...get this...$3.99! I almost needed help getting it out of the bin! Got a bunch of goodies in TJ's, but then isn't all their food goodies?

Finally home, and exhausted. Once again, dh could not figure out which bags to get out of the trunk. Two permanent bags are grocery bags holding other grocery bags, nothing else. The other bags had store names on them and had things inside. I hollered back to him "the bag that has things in it!!!" 13 years of marriage and I still have to point out which bags should be brought in.

I really needed the chiropractor appointment which helped my many aching bones.  He said a lot of people were feeling the change of seasons and the barometric pressure yesterday.  Going home, I was really looking forward to the afternoon espresso but... dh had a friend over who had a myriad of issues and was freaking over a back surgery scheduled for Thursday. So, no espresso, and eventually they both went out to get some things done pre surgery and have dinner.  When dh came home, I asked if he had brought me anything? nope. Fortunately, I'd bought a can of ravioli in the $store.

It really was one of those days. Nothing horrendous for sure, but a lot of little things. Things that I once described as 'fleas'.  Just jumpy little pests. And yes, that plain old canned ravioli tasted darn good!

Today has promised to be a much better day! 

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