Friday, September 5, 2014

Five on Friday: September 5, 2014

Some how it turned out to be a very hectic week, busy but not in a really bad way. I haven't had my days filled so much for quite a while. It was all ok but not exactly the way I wan to live now.

1. When we went up to the northern part of Maryland for my birthday, we got corn at an Amish farm stand. My goodness...goodness it was. Oh so very much better than any corn we've had this summer.

2. In this busy week, I found my left jaw aching and cracking each time I yawned. Ouch! I had a case of TMJ a long time ago, but also worried that is was an infection under a crown waaay back in the corner of my mouth.  A trip to the dentist yesterday let me know that my teeth and bones were ok, but guess who is getting a mouth guard for her sleepy time??? Do you wear one? do you find it intrusive?

3. As I've gone through a lot of my books bought at various book sales over the years, I've found many of them that I start and realize I'm not interested in spending time on them. Ok, but more of them feel like books I'm plodding through. I think I will also try to spend more time reading mid-afternoon to see if this affects my interest level.

4. One of our chest freezers is pretty darn full of the fish dh caught in Alaska. The remaining space is being filled with frozen mushed tomatoes. I suddenly didn't have time this week to actually can all the ones I bought up at that Amish market, so they were blanched, mushed into chunks and frozen. Some have basil and Italian seasoning put right into the freezer container, others are just plain. It was still a bit of work but it puts off the main cooking til I feel like it. Probably in February.

5. A decision made this week is to go ahead and have a knee replacement. Now I just need to meet with a surgeon and see when he can schedule it. EEEK!

I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday! What do YOU have planned?

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Esther Andrews said...

Oh, Maureen! A knee replacement?! I am in a situation where I need to decide whether I have a knee reconstruction. I don't know which is worse!

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