Friday, September 19, 2014

Five on Friday: September 19, 2014

1. One of the sweetest ads I saw on a recent Etsy email was for crocheted hats/scarves etc for little ones. I thought the shop was named The Velveta Corn.  Velveta??? that fake cheese? You try and see what you see - thevelvetacorn.  Well I was reading the letters incorrectly. It is The Velvet Acorn.  For that silly mistake of mine, I'll link her shop up HERE. Go have a look and tell me if those things aren't just precious.

2. Speaking of crocheting, I am volunteering for a group that makes quilts and afghans for a local shelter. This women & children's shelter is one that I've known about for years, but never visited. I don't think I  have the ability to do more than cut the material for the quilts, but I am willing to learn how to crochet.

I hate to say it but seeing the afghans that the group has crocheted made me want to run out the door screaming. They are soooo not to my taste and remind me of the worst items seen at craft shows.  (Yes, this is a judgment and those residents of the shelter are often happy just to have something new and just their own.) I hope I can stick my ground and only make baby/toddler afghans in white and yellow or white and green or something "I" like.  If I'm not enjoying it, I know I won't finish. I want simple clean colors. I am amazed at how some yarn still in the skeins can look so cheap. I guess it's cheap dye, cheap looking yarn.

This might be my first project. I'll even consider 'poy-pul' since that is the color of the Baltimore Ravens and the shelter is in Ravens territory.

3. My tomatoes are done! well, they have been done for a bit, but I wanted to let you know that they didn't get canned, they all got frozen. Washed, blanched, skinned, and mushed up. Believe me, with my two boxes of tomatoes, that was enough. The last bit of room in the one chest freezer not filled with his Alaska fish now has vintage 2014 tomatoes. I hope to enjoy them in January!

4. I've not been one to add QR codes to my scrapping pages, but if you like doing that then these templates look ideal for you.

5. It's getting to be time to start making dinners for my dh and 'the guys'.  I think this is going to be one of the dishes. I plan to test it on himself to see if the heat is up to his taste. Click on the image to see the recipe.

Maybe you'll feel like trying this out and reporting back to me on what you thought. In any case, have a great weekend!

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