Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Travel With Me Tuesday: The Torino Trip-A Snow Day

I haven't done a regular Day 1, Day 2 etc of our trip to Milan and Turin back in March of this year but every once in a while I'll do a page. This was one I just did.

This trip was planned in the heat of the 2013 summer. I said "I want to go somewhere that has snow on the ground." In my head I was wishing for Switzerland in late November but in reality the Italians are a lot more fun than the Swiss, the exchange rate is better and the food...well, I'm not sure I've had a bad Italian meal. Swiss food was good but again, I'd be counting the cost of each morsel going in. That's not fun. So Turin, in the shadow of the Alps, in March it was.

Who would know that after the winter of 2013-14 I would be so sick of cold and snow... who knew.


Photocat said...

What a fine layout. Fun, pleasure, cold, snow, it sums it all up. Funny how we can long for weather that is far away from us... I would never long for snow. ;o)))

Dianne said...

color me green with envy...an awesome sounding trip! cute page and love your journaling...

Anonymous said...

Makes me shiver just to look at it. What a horrible winter we went through last year. Makes me uneasy for this year. Everyone is getting excited about the impending autumn and all I can think about is what comes after, eek!

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