Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 1969 Knaresborough

We arrived in England in the summer of 1968 but had to wait quite a few months til out house was done. We quickly learned about the English habit of tea breaks. Those months of waiting were in one room in a Bed and Breakfast.  We checked on our house every day and anxiously awaited its completion.

Eventually we moved into our house, the last one on a cul de sac and it was a wonderful street to live on. Our houses had all mod cons, including gas fired central heating, but in an ancient market town. The walk UP to town and back down kept me quite slim and fit for the next four years. In addition, there were so many little children on the street that we mothers took turns keeping an eye on them, giving the majority of mums some welcome time alone at various points during the day. In many ways it was a perfect location.

(That garage door in the background was a ICI Dulux color that we ended up calling 'bloke blue' as it was one of the very few outdoor gloss paints that seemed to be available at that time. It was everywhere.)

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Photocat said...

The bloke blue is funny... Lovely photograph. It looks so sixties... The best days for Americans in UK is definitely slinking... The base will be half of what it is now, but who knows, maybe it will revert back to 60's size too... They expanded a lot in 2002, just after I arrived. I know about the hilly streets in Knaresborough. A lovely town!

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