Friday, July 25, 2014

Five on Friday July 25, 2014

This has been a really great summer so far with temperatures that make me wonder if I'm in Maryland. The humidity has been low enough to make the days just perfect.  We had a good bit of rain a week or so ago, and while other areas had bad storms, we were spared.

1. There is nothing like a good retreat to remind me how much I enjoy sisterhood. It's also a great reminder to find more of that in my life on a regular basis.

2.  Finally, I got round to making a drink I saw somewhere on line.  Watermelon soda with basil. 

1. club soda
2. a big basil leaf
3. a pinch of kosher salt (optional)
4. chunks of watermelon

Put the ingredients into the blender in the numbered order, blend til totally liquified and server over ice or add some ice last while blending. The salt is good if it's super hot where you live. You might want to add a tsp then. Really.

3. Some things in my life have made me both very sad and very angry.  It's possible to feel both of those things about the same event/action. Not enjoyable but everyone makes her own choices. Sometimes they are just plain selfish choices.

4. Did you know the Mendenhall Glacier is doing some serious calving? I hope access to the glacier is not restricted when my dh and granddaughter go fishing next month. That's a long way to go and miss seeing the glacier. I suspect the helicopter tour would be a bit pricey.

5. This is the time of year that I harvest my lavender branches. Normally, I've had about 5-8 bees happily gorging themselves on the flowers. This year I've been lucky to have two at a time, and some of those not even the normal fat black and gold bees.  A visible sign of what pesticides are doing.

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