Monday, July 28, 2014

AAM Monday; PL Week 27

A lot of my time and mental energy was taken up with the World Cup. Oh how I love watching soccer and it brings back memories of so many games during my years in England. Cold damp days, great seats down in front midfield, bit by bit learning this new fast paced game. We had season tickets for Leeds United but my heart was with Liverpool. Even in the stands, the crowd was well behaved and for so many it was a family event.

When my xh went to an away match, I took the boys shopping, to the local market and into a pub for the elder lad's bathroom break and to change the nappy (diaper) of the little one before meeting up with my xh and driving back home. I saw a lot of northern English cities that I might have missed otherwise, and never considered that the IRA violence would affect me. Such naivete of the young....but that's another story.

This week we started Sunday with a trip out to western MD for a lovely brunch followed by a visit to my son and family in VA, and another meal as well as the whole crowd watching the cup. The little girls had a better time with their 'normal' game of throwing the corn cobs over the fence. Most fell on their own heads but it made them happy. If you ever drive RT 66 and see corn cobs flying, well it's this little set of twins. No arrests please!

NSA ice cream?? I didn't ask and they didn't tell. Still a mystery there. Pickled onions and a friend finishing up the replacement of his Volvo engine. Glad my dh could lend a hand there.

And how is your Project Life going? or has it gone? Never too late to jump in on this 2nd half of the year.

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