Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday: June 6 2014

1. I love aprons. Why? for all the reasons this blogger loves them. The prime reason for me is that I can wipe my hands down the sides of the apron as I cook. I don't know about the rest of you, but I wash my hands a lot but in between, I need to wipe 'stuff' off and I do not hold with paper towels.  I used to make some of my own, oilcloth in England which was trendy back in the day, but not as useful for hand wipes.  Yvonne, the blogger mentioned, even has a pattern tutorial on that post. Check it out!

Pretty, itsn't it.
2. This week has seen my husband in Kansas City for work, a trip I happily passed on. I've been to Kansas City so this is not contempt prior to investigation.  That airport is out in nowhere's-ville.  He fortunately had a chance to visit with his son and family who coincidently were visiting a relative of dil out there. It all works out some how.

3. A volunteer position I have held for 7 years is now no longer mine. My choice.  I felt it was time to let newer blood assume the title of Recording Secretary and gladly let go. It was enjoyable for a lot of years until it wasn't.  Anyhow, seven years is a true cycle.

4. Do you find that you often, without planning, read several books with a theme? I've recently had two Holocaust/WWII brutality books in a row.

One a library book that came in and the other one that I pulled from my bookshelf because it was thin and could easily be held in bed.  Perhaps the books in the house talk to each other and say...Tell her to pick ME!!! Me!  Anything is possible with the number of books our home contains.

5. Because of #2 I have done almost no cooking this week.  I've switched from oatmeal to lassis for breakfast and salads the rest of the day. Oh yes, there was leftover pizza twice from his last night here. Sadly this lack of cooking does not result in the pounds slipping away.  Perhaps chocolate has something to do with that. Ya think?

From me to you...have a wonderful weekend! See you again on Monday.

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