Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday: June 27, 2014

I really feel like this week has flown by without a lot of things happening. Did I even think?

1. The World Cup. So far so good for the US, but I am sure glad I wasn't in the heat of Manaus (gagging on the thought of that weather) or in the downpour of Recife. A comfy chair, a glass of iced tea and air conditioning were just fine with me. Not so for Jermaine Jones who may be the 2nd US player to suffer a broken nose in the games.

2. Food. I'm not dropping pounds like crazy so I think I've eaten this week, but other things have had priority and breakfast and lunch OR dinner have been just fine. Of course we did finish up the last of the batch of brownies.

3. Feeling like I was getting nothing done, I started the habit of making a list, most days, of 5 things to do, including one or so things I knew I could get done. Good incentive to start with the small things.  I've put off taking  the most current box of giveaways to the charity shop but got that done and it certainly did make me feel good. Get more out, get more out!

4. Bit by bit emptying my attic boxes now living in my studio has been another list item.  Two boxes have been whittled down to one third of one box and two+ plus trashcan's full have gone. The box on the left with the big envelope is full of things that need to be shredded. That's progress not perfection.

5. Another Funeral. Men are terrible about going to the doctor and some die from that kind of procrastination and magical thinking that something will 'go away'. Today there is more one woman who didn't need to be a widow. Men!

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