Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday: June 20 2014

1. Do you ever feel that your life is just a series of updates? I am going to check and see if there is any day that does not include an update for some program or app. I doubt that there will be many. Just the price of a technology society. When it seems that everything is changing, I suspect there is a reason for that feeling.

2. Firefox has been good to me and I thought we had a good relationship but lately? well Mozilla has been working on my last nerve. Lots of 'script not responding'. I hate to switch now to The Google, not that Mozilla is really any more private but still. Oh yeah, I have my bookmarks all arranged just the way I like them and I'm not inclined to re-do that. Yet.

3. My grandchildren came over this week to move boxes from my attic to my studio.  They got it done so quickly, AND I didn't have to carry any myself. After a short visit, we all went out to lunch and appeared to flummox what may have been a new waitress. It's been a while since I saw teenagers inhale food. Good thing I didn't try to feed them myself.

4. I love Zappos, mainly for shoes.  No shipping costs, no tax, and free returns.  I almost always buy Clarks so it's a snap for me. But this last shipping took me by surprise. All my Clarks are a size 7. The new ones I ordered are 7s. But it appears that I need an 8 in one pair. Interesting.

5. Dick saw this the other night and ...stopped to take a photo! The man is learning.

May you have an enjoyable weekend and get a chance to do something fun! He's going on a bike ride Saturday and Sunday we have a picnic. And you?

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Photocat said...

I might take the hubs for a walk or a drive... SUnday is often the day of catching up in the house because all you do on sunday is extra. You don't HAVE to do anything on sunday, I love the feeling of doing something more then I have to. Having said that, I have been driving around the whole week to shoot, so a stay in day would not be bad...

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