Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday: June 13 2014

1. It's been a week with a lot of rain and there are times that I've enjoyed it because I can avoid going out into the garden to deal with the ever present weeds. But then they flourish in the rain. Just can't win.

2. Father's Day ahead and my dh's daughter is taking him out to lunch. It gives them a chance for one on one on the rare occasions they see each other.  My father has been dead since 1972 and is only a distant memory.

3. Sometimes you just don't want to question the why. In an article on bathroom renovation, one couple asked if they should go 'for double sinks or his and hers bidets'.  I have an unfortunate image burned in my mind after reading that.

4. Next week my grandson is coming to get some boxes out of the attic for me. They are back behind a heating duct that was installed after the boxes were placed in that corner of the attic. Grrrr. In one box I am hoping to find a bit of somewhat valuable memorabilia from those days in Tehran. I'd like it donated while my xh is alive.  I also have to have room in my studio for those boxes. It never ends.

5. My geraniums are flourishing and provide a welcome splash of red amongst all the green outside. I'm especially pleased that they are doing to well because they were Walmart rescue plants that were dying from the strong winds we had this spring.

Whatever the next few days bring for you, have a great weekend! and try to catch that Strawberry moon if your skies are clear.

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