Monday, June 2, 2014

AAM Monday Project Life

While it is Project Life, today is a day that involves a funeral for me. Not any member of my own family but the funeral of a mother of a friend. Project Life lets us record what goes on in our own life. Some days the events are not so hot. Some days they are just ordinary and sometimes they are potentially BOR-ing. Some days are better than anything we could ever have imagined.

Not today. Today is a day that reminds me that there are ups and downs in all our lives. Life flows, a continuous ebb and flow, today and from the beginning of time. While one of us has left this planet I suspect another soul that will impact my friend's life was born last Monday. The day my friend's mother died. It's the ebb and flow.

During week 20, I didn't know that two people I knew would die in week 21. That's ok. All weeks are just weeks, gifts to matter what.

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