Monday, June 30, 2014

AAM Monday: PL wk 24

I thought I might do two weeks and be 'caught up' though in scrapbooking I don't think that terms does us any good. There is no race and while I don't want to have loads of weeks to do, I usually do let my trips percolate for a while and then scrap them but often keep my PL done on the Sunday of the 'next' week. But I didn't and that's fine.

But in any case, here is week 24. It is actually a two page spread, but one is private though I am tickled to death to say that it is already printed along with everything from week 6 through 24! God bless you PersnicketyPrints! Uploaded images, and two days later I had them. Now all I have to do is slide the images into my D ring binder and enjoy. Oh yeah, I also got all my 2008 Spain and Portugal pages and into a thinner binder they will go, all 52 layouts. A lotta goodness to look at.

And with this post, it's goobye June 2014! July, can you believe it's July already? I can't mostly because we've had a LOT of days without needing air-conditioning. That has been a real blessing.

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