Monday, June 30, 2014

AAM Monday: PL wk 24

I thought I might do two weeks and be 'caught up' though in scrapbooking I don't think that terms does us any good. There is no race and while I don't want to have loads of weeks to do, I usually do let my trips percolate for a while and then scrap them but often keep my PL done on the Sunday of the 'next' week. But I didn't and that's fine.

But in any case, here is week 24. It is actually a two page spread, but one is private though I am tickled to death to say that it is already printed along with everything from week 6 through 24! God bless you PersnicketyPrints! Uploaded images, and two days later I had them. Now all I have to do is slide the images into my D ring binder and enjoy. Oh yeah, I also got all my 2008 Spain and Portugal pages and into a thinner binder they will go, all 52 layouts. A lotta goodness to look at.

And with this post, it's goobye June 2014! July, can you believe it's July already? I can't mostly because we've had a LOT of days without needing air-conditioning. That has been a real blessing.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday: June 27, 2014

I really feel like this week has flown by without a lot of things happening. Did I even think?

1. The World Cup. So far so good for the US, but I am sure glad I wasn't in the heat of Manaus (gagging on the thought of that weather) or in the downpour of Recife. A comfy chair, a glass of iced tea and air conditioning were just fine with me. Not so for Jermaine Jones who may be the 2nd US player to suffer a broken nose in the games.

2. Food. I'm not dropping pounds like crazy so I think I've eaten this week, but other things have had priority and breakfast and lunch OR dinner have been just fine. Of course we did finish up the last of the batch of brownies.

3. Feeling like I was getting nothing done, I started the habit of making a list, most days, of 5 things to do, including one or so things I knew I could get done. Good incentive to start with the small things.  I've put off taking  the most current box of giveaways to the charity shop but got that done and it certainly did make me feel good. Get more out, get more out!

4. Bit by bit emptying my attic boxes now living in my studio has been another list item.  Two boxes have been whittled down to one third of one box and two+ plus trashcan's full have gone. The box on the left with the big envelope is full of things that need to be shredded. That's progress not perfection.

5. Another Funeral. Men are terrible about going to the doctor and some die from that kind of procrastination and magical thinking that something will 'go away'. Today there is more one woman who didn't need to be a widow. Men!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

TBT Knaresborough Before My Time

I suspect this image of the River Nid and the ever present boaters may have been taken in the 1950s. We moved there in 1968 and most postcards were  in color (colour) then.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Travel With Me Tuesday: A Day in Lisbon

Did you know that Lisbon is a very hilly city? Somehow I missed that information before we went. We could have done more walking but since we had our Metro pass, that was a good plan. The trams may not be swift but they were faster than our legs would have been.

Monday, June 23, 2014

AAM Monday: PL Week 23

Almost halfway through the year, and summer is officially here with the Summer Solstice. Fortunately for us, we've had a lot of cooler than normal temperatures. What a blessing! Week 23 was the week he was in Kansas City for a lot of the time. It was a nice treat for him to be able to visit with his son and family. They're doing well and they always enjoy the break from Arizona weather in the summer. Not that Missouri is cold but it's not AZ!

I'm still enjoying Project Life. Are you?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday: June 20 2014

1. Do you ever feel that your life is just a series of updates? I am going to check and see if there is any day that does not include an update for some program or app. I doubt that there will be many. Just the price of a technology society. When it seems that everything is changing, I suspect there is a reason for that feeling.

2. Firefox has been good to me and I thought we had a good relationship but lately? well Mozilla has been working on my last nerve. Lots of 'script not responding'. I hate to switch now to The Google, not that Mozilla is really any more private but still. Oh yeah, I have my bookmarks all arranged just the way I like them and I'm not inclined to re-do that. Yet.

3. My grandchildren came over this week to move boxes from my attic to my studio.  They got it done so quickly, AND I didn't have to carry any myself. After a short visit, we all went out to lunch and appeared to flummox what may have been a new waitress. It's been a while since I saw teenagers inhale food. Good thing I didn't try to feed them myself.

4. I love Zappos, mainly for shoes.  No shipping costs, no tax, and free returns.  I almost always buy Clarks so it's a snap for me. But this last shipping took me by surprise. All my Clarks are a size 7. The new ones I ordered are 7s. But it appears that I need an 8 in one pair. Interesting.

5. Dick saw this the other night and ...stopped to take a photo! The man is learning.

May you have an enjoyable weekend and get a chance to do something fun! He's going on a bike ride Saturday and Sunday we have a picnic. And you?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

TBT - Easter in England 1971

My mother had started the habit of holding his basket and then rehiding the eggs on him when we realized he was a very good spotter at age 2. We would have needed several dozen eggs for his eagle eyes. Here he is looking at the basket, age 4, thinking something fishy is going on again.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Travel With Me Tuesday: We Drive to Lisbon

While we hated to leave Sevilla, we had reservations at the Marriott in Lisbon.  We also expected that it would be a relatively easy drive. We did not count on the weather we experienced.

Monday, June 16, 2014

AAM Monday: PL Week 22

Somehow this summer is blurring for me so I'm grateful that I have these pages to remind me that things really did happen. I think it's that the weather has been mild enough to allow me to sit outside and read quite often. That's almost gets me into a beach mind haze. Perfectly summer feel.

Maybe this afternoon I'll do weeks 23 and 24. Maybe I'll just read outside while the laundry blows in the breeze. Delightful choices.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday: June 13 2014

1. It's been a week with a lot of rain and there are times that I've enjoyed it because I can avoid going out into the garden to deal with the ever present weeds. But then they flourish in the rain. Just can't win.

2. Father's Day ahead and my dh's daughter is taking him out to lunch. It gives them a chance for one on one on the rare occasions they see each other.  My father has been dead since 1972 and is only a distant memory.

3. Sometimes you just don't want to question the why. In an article on bathroom renovation, one couple asked if they should go 'for double sinks or his and hers bidets'.  I have an unfortunate image burned in my mind after reading that.

4. Next week my grandson is coming to get some boxes out of the attic for me. They are back behind a heating duct that was installed after the boxes were placed in that corner of the attic. Grrrr. In one box I am hoping to find a bit of somewhat valuable memorabilia from those days in Tehran. I'd like it donated while my xh is alive.  I also have to have room in my studio for those boxes. It never ends.

5. My geraniums are flourishing and provide a welcome splash of red amongst all the green outside. I'm especially pleased that they are doing to well because they were Walmart rescue plants that were dying from the strong winds we had this spring.

Whatever the next few days bring for you, have a great weekend! and try to catch that Strawberry moon if your skies are clear.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Tehran 1978

Another slide from November 1978 Iran. Here my son is 6 and my daughter is 5. She was still often unsure of where we were after only two years out of the orphanage and a move from Thailand to the US and then to Iran.  I loved that pine linen press from England as it had served me well as wonderful storage for all sorts of kitchen items.  It made it back to the US in 1979 but was later stolen by a tenant. I often wonder if I will see it in some antique store.

At this time in Tehran, despite what was a start to a revolution, we were naively in the process of moving our children from the large American school to the smaller British school but instead were evacuated a month later.  Yes, those were interesting times.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Travel With Me Tuesday: Sevilla

While getting into Sevilla was a nightmare, the city certainly lived up to its reputation as a beauty.  I had a friend in grade and high school who went to visit relatives in Sevilla long, long ago so it was a city I'd always wanted to see. Fortunately, we were visiting long after the Franco era.

Monday, June 9, 2014

AAM Monday: PL Short and Sweet

A week of beautiful weather, lunch at DC's Union Market, the Blue Angels, and a funeral.  That was week 21.

(Photo of "Fat Albert" the C-130 is from the Web.)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday: June 6 2014

1. I love aprons. Why? for all the reasons this blogger loves them. The prime reason for me is that I can wipe my hands down the sides of the apron as I cook. I don't know about the rest of you, but I wash my hands a lot but in between, I need to wipe 'stuff' off and I do not hold with paper towels.  I used to make some of my own, oilcloth in England which was trendy back in the day, but not as useful for hand wipes.  Yvonne, the blogger mentioned, even has a pattern tutorial on that post. Check it out!

Pretty, itsn't it.
2. This week has seen my husband in Kansas City for work, a trip I happily passed on. I've been to Kansas City so this is not contempt prior to investigation.  That airport is out in nowhere's-ville.  He fortunately had a chance to visit with his son and family who coincidently were visiting a relative of dil out there. It all works out some how.

3. A volunteer position I have held for 7 years is now no longer mine. My choice.  I felt it was time to let newer blood assume the title of Recording Secretary and gladly let go. It was enjoyable for a lot of years until it wasn't.  Anyhow, seven years is a true cycle.

4. Do you find that you often, without planning, read several books with a theme? I've recently had two Holocaust/WWII brutality books in a row.

One a library book that came in and the other one that I pulled from my bookshelf because it was thin and could easily be held in bed.  Perhaps the books in the house talk to each other and say...Tell her to pick ME!!! Me!  Anything is possible with the number of books our home contains.

5. Because of #2 I have done almost no cooking this week.  I've switched from oatmeal to lassis for breakfast and salads the rest of the day. Oh yes, there was leftover pizza twice from his last night here. Sadly this lack of cooking does not result in the pounds slipping away.  Perhaps chocolate has something to do with that. Ya think?

From me to you...have a wonderful weekend! See you again on Monday.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Travel With Me Tuesday: Goodbye Costa del Sol , Hello Tarifa

This album about Spain and Portugal turned out to be a fairly lengthy one so I hope you enjoy seeing these images. If not, ignore me on Tuesdays for a while.

Monday, June 2, 2014

AAM Monday Project Life

While it is Project Life, today is a day that involves a funeral for me. Not any member of my own family but the funeral of a mother of a friend. Project Life lets us record what goes on in our own life. Some days the events are not so hot. Some days they are just ordinary and sometimes they are potentially BOR-ing. Some days are better than anything we could ever have imagined.

Not today. Today is a day that reminds me that there are ups and downs in all our lives. Life flows, a continuous ebb and flow, today and from the beginning of time. While one of us has left this planet I suspect another soul that will impact my friend's life was born last Monday. The day my friend's mother died. It's the ebb and flow.

During week 20, I didn't know that two people I knew would die in week 21. That's ok. All weeks are just weeks, gifts to matter what.

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