Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday: May 9 2014

1. It's hard to believe it's May. Today I felt like I was back in an English day, with mist and damp, neither not hot nor cold.  Kind of strange but not bad at all. I think the day has ranged from the 50s to a projected 70s.  I doubt the latter.

2. I saw this on Pinterest and I can see it being really good when we finally get our hot day. With the current skyrocketing price of limes, I suspect it will be with lemons instead.Thank you Shutterbean for  Cilantro!

3. Oh those exercise classes. I am really up in the air about which ones to sign up for or rather which ones to drop. I'm still pretty sure that the aerobics will have to go since I really don't feel so hot afterwards. I know good tired/sore and that is not what I'm feeling. Sigh.

4. There is still no shrimp for me, as my treat after having the 2nd shot in my knee. I used to make it a habit to get myself a BIG chocolate bar from Trader Joe's when I either had blood drawn or got a shot. 1lb for $4.99. Oh dear god it's good.

Getting shots is rare and the blood work is only twice a year. It's not like I was getting one of these bars weekly. But this week I decided to buy something a bit better for me and went to get shrimp. Darn if they weren't out of shrimp! Maybe I was meant to buy chocolate I thought and settled for a Caramel Snickers. Not as good and so not as large!

5. Still on the edible note, I have not seen too many herbs for sale except at $3.50 a plant. Admittedly big, but for things like parsley that I want all over the garden, I may have to resort to seeds this year. "They say" that Mother's Day is the date for tomatoes but as I don't have places that have both enough space and sunlight, this is not part of my gardening plan. But my herbs? oh yes.

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Marysol said...

I hope you didn't share your chocolate with anyone–I never do.

Happy Mother's Day, Maureen!

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