Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday: May 23, 2014

1. Sometimes hanging out on Pinterest is a rabbit hole of time gone but other times you see something terrific or clever or a combo of those. Here's one.

2. Ok, back to my thoughts. As much as I get rid of clutter, more seems to rise to the surface. I know, dear God I hope, it will balance someday but other times I feel as if I'm on a hamster treadmill.

3. Summer class registration came early this month and I finally got round to signing up for classes I wanted. I decided to take water aerobics and give my knee a break but found I could not sign up for the yoga at the same time. Since I pay the same amount whether I take one class or ten, I didn't quite get it. The water aerobics is Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the chair yoga is only on Friday. I planned to skip Friday aerobics so I could do the yoga but there was no way the computer could understand that! I will just tell my yoga teacher I'm coming but not signed up 'officially'. Hope that works for her.

4. You wannna see gorgeous, as in drool on your keyboard gorgeous, well take a look over here.  I don't know if I really want to make such things because I know I would eat it all! ALL.

5.Tis the season - for salads. Mason jar salads. I have been meaning to try this method for some time but with the cold, cold winter we've had I really wanted more substantial food. I would have been better off with some salads but comfort won out.

Peppermint has one of the clearest descriptions of how she makes hers. One Little Bird Mason Jar Salads. I'll have to check for some 1.5 pint jars amongst my canning supplies because I agree, a pint is not enough. If not, head to WalMart fast!


Esther Andrews said...

Yep, running madly on my hamster wheel right now!! I seem to just move piles from one place to another with no real progress. {sigh!}

Photocat said...

I can so see the hamster wheel... I am on an eternal one for sure. Tina Frey is right of course... She rocks it! And your food section this time is exquisite. The pie looks gorgeous and the salads, well, actually they look attractive. I did not know you could jar salads... How long can you keep those babies? I will head out to Wall Mart the first day I set foot in Las Cruces... I want blue ones too!

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