Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday: May 16, 2014

1. Yes, it is now the season for air conditioning. I knew it would come soon, but considering this is about a month later than our normal, I can't complain, today i.e.  Complaints most likely in about August.

2. You love fonts too, don't you? Then check out this site that Elise Blaha Cripe found.  The fonts are free and they have great ampersands. Fun, fun, fun.

3. Slowly, quite slowly, I'm working my way through the Photo Artistry course. There are so many good things to learn that I know I need to take my time. I've been pretty good about using PSE shortcuts, but there are so many more. Use, use, use each new one until it's etched in both my memory and my fingers. btw, I bought this course for the sale price. If it's at the $297. price when you check, do know that it goes on sale for half price periodically.

4. I rarely let my iPhone run out of a charge mainly because I rarely talk on the phone. However for those who do, this is pretty cool since it doesn't change the size or weight of your phone.

5.  It appears that I will be able to take a break from Hospice cooking for about 6 weeks.  When I go back, I expect to spend a whole day making about 3  meals to be frozen for the next week. I hope this works out for all of us. July traffic going to and from the Eastern Shore can be a nightmare. (Beach traffic for those of you not familiar with my area.)

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Marysol said...

Maureen, I don't think air conditioners need apply this year. At least, I'm hoping.
The heat's still on, and I will admit, I like it.

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