Monday, May 19, 2014

AAM Monday - Reading and Not Reading

We are great buyers of used books, both for ourselves and for a boys' middle school in Washington DC - Washington Jesuit Academy. But as you readers know, volume in should at least try to equal volume out. However, our favorite book donation site has closed their annual book sale and thus the site where most of our 'read' books go is now history. Fortunately, my dh has found another location where we can donate but I seriously will miss the ability to donate at Stone Ridge and buy at their famous sale.

For me, this means that I am trying to cut down on my purchase of books. I'm even trying to cut back on the # of books that I request from the library. There are always new books in the newspaper that catch my fancy. Ok, in magazines, on Goodreads, well most everywhere. I can't bring more in!

What I've decided to try and do is read books I already have on my shelves, in boxes, here and there all around my house. Try. You know how it is when you buy something that you like, think you'd like or that just is a 'good buy'.  Then it sits round your house and later you look at it and wonder...What was I thinking? why did I buy this? oh I forgot I had this!  Well, that's the process I'm in.

Some of the books I found and started have almost immediately gone into the Give Away category. Out into the universe for someone else to try. Others have been ones I felt I should read and decided I just don't want to read. This stage of my life is not Literature 207 or some externally dictated must. If I don't want to read it, I won't.  No guilt.

Now there is an increasing large pile for my dh to add to the database he keeps of donated books for tax purposes. Fortunately, it's also up to him to get those books out of our house.

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