Monday, May 5, 2014

AAM Monday: From Then to Now

Lately, I've been busy working on pages from the Spain and Portugal trip we took back in 2008. I'd hoped to have all the pages done before Persnickety Prints had their semi-annual sale, but it didn't happen. That's ok, as I was able to buy the credits I need, and more, so that when it IS done, I can print the pages right away. I'm drawing down to probably the last ten pages or so which means I can see it happening this month.

What has been striking to me is how much we've changed since 2008. Now I know it's 6 years ago but like those early years of life, a difference of 6 makes a lot of difference.  A eight year old has gone through many many stages that are unknown to a two year old. A seventy, or nearly 70 year old, feels a lot different than a sixty-four year old does. I didn't know that!

So much of the middle years of our -my - life seem to have flowed on a somewhat unchanging level. Or so it seemed to me at the time.  There were the hints... The baby weight of #2 child didn't come off so naturally in my 20s.  I didn't fathom wrinkles until my late 30s. The first time I couldn't read small print at night led me to reading glasses in my 40s. Daily medication came into my life in my 50s and regular visits to a doctor and dentist were added to my calendar.  In my 60s I reluctantly added exercise to my life.

These are the outside things that changed. But the inside ones are more subtle. At 64, I was ready to do a lot of travel with my dh. And we did! So much so that each year I wanted to do less. Each year, especially since retirement, I was more content to stay home and relish the days in my own home. I wanted less from the outside world and found the constant shifting of place, language, environment to be tiring and taxing.  A lot shifted internally that I wasn't aware of except to find much less pleasure in things I once enjoyed.

Who knew there was a homebody waiting to come out? I may do more than Whistler's mother did in this portrait, but perhaps the real shift of the 70s is from an external focus to an internal one. I hope I reach my 80s to find out!

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