Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial: Coloring Doodles

Christine, the Listgirl of the Fabulous Adventures of Listgirl, had a great video tutorial on how to color digital doodles over at Write.Click.Scrapbook. I love seeing how things are done as opposed to just reading them. I believe I tend to forget the 'check contiguous' when I try to do this and then wonder why my whole page has changed color! Maybe seeing it this way will make it stick in my cluttered brain.

click here to get to Write.Click.Scrapbook tutorial

Thanks to Christine, and Write.Click.Scrapbook for this video. We are so blessed in digiland to have so many generous people willing to teach us all these simple and wonderful techniques.


Photocat said...

Haha, that one is checked by default on my computer. If the page colours more then I want it's the first thing I check out... And as you say, we are so blissed with all those tutorials online... I learn better with movies also. Guess our mind is visual based!

Marysol said...

I tried leaving a comment last night, and it just didn't happen.
But I ain't no quitter.
Happy Easter, M!

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