Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Travel With Me Tuesday: Bawlmer, Hon

It wasn't far, but it had been a long time since I went north to Baltimore. As my dh reminded me, I had been to Baltimore quite recently, but he was counting the train station at BWI. That's not the city, hon.  Driving up to meet him at Gertrudes for brunch, I had to rely on GPS since the way to get there did not seem to be in my brain any more. I had a general idea but oh surprise! there was a game at Camden Yards. Yes, I thought.... How 'bout the Oooos, hon...but that didn't get my  past the happy crowds.  GPS did.

Here I am in one of those images that appear in your camera as a surprise. No. I wasn't going incognito, I just appeared!

Then this one is not me. Just someone waiting for a friend no doubt or tired of the walk from the parking lot. You never know, do you.

Most of the point of the visit. We have, from top to bottom, his Eggs Benedict with Crabcake, our friend's Shrimp Po-Boy, and my Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Cheesy Hominy. Not grits, hominy.  All dishes were pronounced quite good but I will say that grits would have been a better potato substitute for me, but now I know. Those cheesy hominy bits were a tad heavy.

We didn't visit the Museum as our CA friend had a flight to catch to take him home back home for a few days. He crosses the country A LOT. We did have a stroll round the gift shop and while I didn't buy anything, I fell in love with this old fashioned dress. Embroidery on the blouse and the jumper. Totally adorable and while I have two granddaughters who could wear this neither of them have mothers that would bother. Totally foreign to their life styles. So I just enjoyed looking at it and imagined a different little girl wearing this as she went out to brunch with her Mommy and Nana. Brunch where you sit down and display your well taught manners. I have two who did this and it was a great treat.

Wasn't it a beautiful day?  One of those gems that seem to pop up between our still chilly April. A day to luxuriate in friends, food and warm sunshine. A perfect Sunday.

And yes, I had fun playing around with different frames for this post!

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