Thursday, April 10, 2014

Green Grow the Fields

In the months making my drive across the bay and into the Eastern Shore, I have loved seeing nature change through the many farmed fields I pass. When I first went, the corn was still there and but nearing harvest. I believe much of it may be animal corn as opposed to the corn we humans relish so much. Not sure but I'll have to enquire as this year progresses.

Later in the fall, the fields were cut and went into a dormant stage for the winter. Some had been cleared and some still had the corn stalk stubble. It was a peaceful sight under a lot of gray autumn and winter skies.

Last week I saw this! It was still an overcast sky with threatening rain, but the green! Oh the green!

Spring has definitely come to the shore. It has also come on the western shore but these vast fields or green made my heart sing. The lovely time between the bitter cold of our recent winter and the hot, humid summer that we usually have. Carpe diem!


Photocat said...

oooo, how did you do that womderful frame? And yes, the rolling of the seasons can be so totally wonderful!

Maureen Reynolds said...

Cat, they are Paislee Galley FramesNo5,

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