Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday: April 18, 2014

Spring, spring, spring. Once again, despite pollen, high winds etc etc, I am so so glad this winter is nearly over.  Spring has been especially welcome this year.

1. Those of us who are closely attached to our computers, and you know who you are!, get all giddy when new EHDs are announced. For years, the term has been smokin' hot. But now LaCie announces that the new Thunderbolt drives   have "Shocking speeds up to 420MB/s". Obviously, customers will be dropping at their desktops.

2.  Dog sitting is something I always enjoy doing for my son and family. It's like a mini stay-cation where I can have the house to myself (their house) with no real responsibilities except to love and care for the aging but alert dog. I can eat what and when I want and explore different neighborhoods and shopping areas. Mostly I just enjoy the feeling of a week with no one but myself to care for. A true vacation.

3. Each year as I put the seasonal decorations out, more and more of them get downsized out. This feels very liberating and light. The one thing I suspect I'll keep forever is the set of blown out eggs my friend Anne and I did about 20 years ago. Blowing them out was a chore for sure but then we realized neither of us really knew how to marble with oils. It was a test and learn but we did it. I think of that fun day every Easter. Thank you Anne for your patience and lung power!

4. A recent article in the Washington Post Home section showed an idea for LED ceiling lights on a covered outside deck. I really like that idea and one day would like to do something like that...inside or out. The company is  I wonder if any of you have installed something like this.

5. The house next to my son is a new one being built on a lot where the older one was seriously neglected to the point of bats living inside! A new house is good but the construction work leaves much to be desired. The workers cut the french drains on the other side and flooded the area, fortunately not my son's house.  Long ago, before a major road was built nearby, there was a creek coming through this area. Water knows its flooded yards and waterlogged basements attest to.

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