Monday, April 14, 2014

AAM Monday: I'm Not in Class

My senior center offered a Mixed-Media class this semester, and going against my rule of Schedule NOTHING on Monday, I signed up.  I missed the first class and was over an hour late to the 2nd. (Are these Red Flags already??)

What I gathered from the part of the class I managed to attend was that people bring their own projects in and work on them there with guidance and little exercises from the teacher. Last week they, well many of them, were sketching a blue hydrangea. I have no interest in sketching, really don't want to paint that way but stayed open to the idea. I sat and watched while some did wonderfully accurate sketches and one just painted one of her canvases with oils. No relation to the hydrangea. It also didn't seem to me that it had any relation to what I consider mixed media. I suspect that is a very nebulous term.

As the week has passed, I've thought it over and I don't want to spend 2+ hours of my day doing something I'm not really interested in. Yes, I might learn to sketch but I'd rather have those hours in my own studio to do what strikes my fancy.  And so...I'm not in class.  I've withdrawn so that if someone else wants my place it's available.

It it doesn't fit, I don't need to wear it. Many things are learned in life and I've just realized I know this lesson - for today at least. Do you know when to say...not this isn't me? It's not what I need. Sooner this is learned the happier you'll be.

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Photocat said...

I so see what you mean Maureen. Personally, I always come back to photography. Yes, I tried so many things, but not getting through and through good with it, I keep getting back to the things I know really well. Often things are put in front of our nose but as you say, we can say no, it's not really for me. It's about knowing our limits and our strength at the same time.

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