Monday, April 7, 2014

AAM Monday: I Like a Routine

At various times I've talked about my mugs for my morning tea. Let me tell you that just going to mugs back in the 80s was a big deal for me as I'd always been a cup and saucer woman. But a move back to the United States, a divorce and loss of my servant included way of life changed things. Forsaking the cup and saucer was a very hard habit to change but given that a cup of tea didn't hold that much, and I now had family responsibilities and a job and a house to deal with, the cup and saucer leisurely filled,  gave way to a more practical mug. The teapot remained. Some things are a given.

I soon learned that I did not like chunky mugs and definitely not those hand thrown ones that often seemed to drip down my face when drinking. Just as a teapot has to have a functional spout, and all don't, let me tell you..., a cup has to have the right lip so your tea or coffee gets where it's supposed to go. Inside the mouth and not down the chest.

I also have found, while on vacation when so much is out of synch and new, that I truly miss my china mugs. The kitchen on our last trip had a teapot but up on a shelf which made me wonder if it was decorative or one to be used. It also had a bunch of gold on it which made me think it was 'for show' as my mother used to say. I made my tea in an aluminum bowl. Sigh. The mugs were also thick pottery, nice enough but too heavy for my hand's taste.

It certainly is the small things that make a day go easily and comfortably. For me, some of it starts with that china mug of the day. My dh mentally rolls his eyes at this kind of thing but he has one old, scratched glass mug, heavy as all get out that he uses every day he can. It goes in the dishwasher on occasion but comes out looking just as gross grungy as ever. He loves that mug and complains that mugs elsewhere are too small, don't fit his hand etc etc We're the same, just with different tastes. But we each like our own familiar.

Do you have something small like this that makes your life 'comfortable'?

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