Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday: March 7, 2014

We're in a warming trend! Do you think the snow in my backyard will finally melt? I don't think so. The angle of the sun still does not get to the whole yard. Maybe by Easter?

1. I have always wondered why people now say 'wait on line'. I'm sure I've mentioned this before but at least when I went to the MVA to renew my car registration, I found that MD government agrees with me. It's wait IN line.

2. This week I had occasion to be the first one to comment on two blogs. Funny how little things like that give you a smile. Well, they give me a smile.

3. Despite the beautiful but inopportune time of Monday's snow, I managed to get to my follow up mammogram with my husband driving me in my car.  After the ultrasound, I was cleared as ok. PHEW! But the two of us do wonder why, with two German diesel cars, it is my Golf that is great in the snow while his ancient Mercedes is a sugar plum. Was that just a flaw of export models way back when?

4. The chiropractor finally gave me exercises to do at home. Pretty much what I was doing in both the Chair Yoga and Pilates.  I suppose when the new semester starts I will be up to speed again.

5.  There are only 3 episodes I haven't watched in House of Cards season 2. I'm at that point. Gobble them all down in one go or stretch it out to make it last as much as possible. That's about the biggest decision I have to make today. I'd say life is good.

Have a wonderful weekend and sigh...make sure to adjust your clocks. Yes, it's Spring Forward time.  More sunlight in the evening and darker mornings. I hope the farmers are happy.

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