Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday: March 14, 2014

Happy Pi day!  No I'm not a mathematician but my sil is.  I suspect they consider it a big holiday!

1. The sessions with the chiropractor are going quite well. I feel as if the bones in my knee have shifted. That's the clearest way I can describe it. Very different feeling.

2. When House of Cards, season 2, finished for me, I was a bit at sea. Lost without my fix. But then I found this. Is it just me or do these two presidents have irritating voices?

3. Sleep deprivation. That seems to be a common complaint round here after the way-too-early shift to daylight savings. I mean come on, it's early March! Not only am I having a hard time waking up but I'm having a hard time getting TO sleep also. Midnight is not the bedtime for me.

4. Something I saw online. A faux chocolaté éclair cake with a graham cracker bottom. Graham crackers???  That wouldn't fool me a bit. No, not one bit. I must say that it has had me thinking of real eclairs with real pastry cream and not vanilla pudding. Just thinking.

5. What's kept me really, really busy and productive lately? Making pages for the Spain&Portugal album. I'm up to page 32 which closes out the Spain part.  I've tried to do two pages a day during the week and it's not been that hard but it's been a lot of sitting. I'm not starting Portugal til April. I need a rest!

Have a great weekend and hopefully have some fun!

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