Monday, March 3, 2014

AAM Monday: When It Snows, Play

While I did this card before this latest snow, one that is coming down as I write, I'll share it today.

Birthday girl had a visit from me last week, but as I unloaded the car with the various things going to my family, including magazines that get passed on to them, I realized that one specific bag was not there. The birthday bag was still in my house...sigh. So there was a return trip yesterday and I think this granddaughter might just get my older version of PSE. She seems to have the patience to deal with the concept of layers and might just add this to her skill set.  I don't think she has a clue as how many layers ARE on the card, but that is the joy of a template. You just add the colored parts. Any tweaking beyond that is up to the creator.

I think today will be a good day to get more pages done for my Spain and Portugal album. I am now seeing that it's going to be a larger album than I imagined, but that's ok. It took me long enough to start this one so...

By the way, that snow outside is coming down fast and furious. The flakes are very tiny but I think we will get the 8-14 inches they are calling for. I'm not overjoyed, as I have two doctors appointments cancelled, including a follow up mammogram. It's not a lot of fun having those hanging over your head but 'it is what it is.' Play is better than worry.

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