Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Will Happen on Downton Abbey I Ask (SPOILER ALERT)


Since we only have, what...2 or 3... more episodes, what will they do to wind up a few of the BIG issues. No, I haven't seen or read any reports from the UK people who do know.

This is just what my friend and I are wondering....

Oh Edith...we could have told you there would be Issues. Now that she has a chance to tell Mama while Papa is away, we only have to wonder about her Michael. Is he just a man who has trifled with her? Is he a Nazi sympathizer who is going to do bad things? or is he a true British hero who has gone undercover and will later be found to be working for His Majesty's Service?

Mr. Bates...temper, temper. Oh that look you gave the dastardly bastard who raped your lovely Anna. Stay calm and deal with getting Anna healthy again. But who will take action and see that just desserts are given? Will Bates risk all? or will it be the ladies who take action, mainly a combo of Mary and the spine of steel Mrs. Hughes. Or will the new seamstress, who observes and deduces all play a part?

Barrow...will we see his return or will he find the man of his dreams in America and rise from the ranks of servant to become the beloved of a man who can keep him in the Upstairs Style?

And Mary...so many men, so many choices but pigs are on her mind. What is a rich widow to do...

Regarding pigs, how about a future relationship between Tom Branson and little Daisy? They were both once equals and Daisy does have the farm inheritance in her future. A possibility there.

I'm sure there are many other threads dangling right now but these are the ones my friend and I had a few giggles over.  What do you think?

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