Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Am I Watching

Well in the am, when I come down to get my tea, I often stop and look at the little birds that come up onto our deck for bread crumbs or sips of liquid via the snow.  Later in the day, I can occasionally watch some of the brain damaged cardinals fling themselves at our glass doors. The doors have a reflective coating to reflect heat outwards and so the cardinals see themselves and either want to mate or kill 'that other bird'. They don't tell me what's on their minds.  For two years I've put up images of owls which is supposed to scare them and they ignore the images. Or maybe they have never seen a real owl round here. I sure haven't.

But other than these few birds, I've not watched a lot of telly lately.

Redbox had specials so he and I watched Captain Phillips. Very good especially for $1.27. The next day I had a free offer so I got Blue Jasmine. Woody was mean spirited here but again, it was free and Cate Blanchette did a great job.  So far, that's probably all I'll see of the nominees for Academy Awards unless Redbox comes through with another one or two.

I got two videos from the library. A Single Man with Colin Firth and Julianne Moore.  Much more of a downer than I realized but a wonderful period piece of LA in the early 60s. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge I never watched so I can't comment on that one. I may get it back again.

I nearly had a conniption Super Bowl Sunday, when after watching the Super Bowl, I went over to PBS for the latest Downton  Abbey. Ack! I thought it would play twice that evening but no, it was Sherlock Holmes.  Scrambling to find PBS on Demand, the newest episode wasn't there yet on Sunday night. Fortunately for my sanity, it was available Monday.

I'm finishing up the final episode, of the final season of Treme. I'm still enjoying it now that I accept that 1/3 of the show at least is going to be music. There's a lot to be resolved in this last show...which I'm sure will not be resolved but left for me to 'write' the next episode as I'd have it.

Finally, I've seen so many of the Doc Martin shows at random, I plan to start the series from the git go and watch them in order.  Maybe a day or so of binge tv later this month.

I'm also watching Girls which is better now that they are maturing a bit. I might get sucked back into 24 and Sherlock Holmes is also on my list. If you have any suggestions of shows that can be watched On Demand (I cannot deal with commercials any more.) let me know what you're enjoying lately on the Tube, Netflix or Redbox.

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