Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Two Weeks Ago

Today I have another JinShinJyutsu session with my friend Janie. 

2 weeks ago, I had a session, and the day changed a lot while I was there.

That snowfall looked lovely at the start but we still have remnants here and there as the weather was well below freezing for longer than normal. A long bitter cold spell that is rare for our area. Yesterday's rain cleared most of it away and also finally washed the omnipresent salt away. Sadly, here, most of that goes right into the Chesapeake Bay. Salt and many other chemicals I'm sure are involved in keeping our roads clear.

I'm hoping that at least the cold will have made a dent on the 'bad' bugs and froze their little souls. However, I did find a living stinkbug in the house yesterday. He was dispatched to stinkbug hell ...

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