Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday: February 7, 2014

I've never considered myself a trend-follower though once in a while I eventually do get with the bandwagon once I've seen the color long enough to decide, Yes, I can wear that. Other times, I see a trend and figure out a way to make it, get it cheaper. Re food? if it's something I've never liked, it's unlikely you'll see it on my plate or  in my kitchen. If it's a time consuming technique to produce a result that seems a right bit pretentious, well...not in my kitchen nor on the bill when we eat out.

Today, I'm giving you five trends that I won't be following. I don't hate them,  or think they're stupid but they're just not me. Nor are they things you'll see and say...I've never seen that before!!! Well, unless your rock is bigger than you realized, these are all out there being enjoyed by many. Maybe one will strike your fancy as a great idea.  Feel free!

1. Calligraphy. No, my name is not being called. Not in this lifetime. I'm quite happy to have pretty fonts on my computer if a want a bit of this kind of stuff. But me doing it with pen, nib and ink? That's reinventing the wheel in my world.

2. Neon. I may end up with some small thing like a pair of cheap sandals in a neon color but otherwise, my blinders are on for this trend.

3. Maxi dresses and/or skirts. I'm talking about daytime outfits. Nighttime is made for long and flowly.  I recall these way back in the 70s and they were awkward to walk in and the only great thing about them seemed to be that we went a big longer in shaving our legs. Nope, too bulky for me. I'm bulky enough as it is!
pretty but ankle twisting dangerous

4. Animal innards. Offal? yes awful. I can eat some sausage, I've learned to love scrapple, I adored chicken live pate but otherwise, I'll pass. Yes, eating these things is healthy and respectful of the animal but I'll still pass.

5. Pantone Radiant Orchid. No, it's not my color for Spring 2014, though I can see doing something with this for Easter. My grandson had purple and white as his school colors for 4 years. Deep purple. I got really really tired of it. Violet, lavender, orchid, purple....they've never been in my color family.  I will think about this Dazzling Blue all the way on the right though. With Fresia, Sand or Paloma, I think it's gorgeous. Actually Radiant Orchid IS really pretty too I must admit. Maybe with a pair of khackis in the summer???

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Photocat said...

I'm with you all the way with the Neon... Half the way with pen and nib. I find that you can write a lot nicer with it because you have to slow down and think. Not Caligraphy though... I think that a lot of Caligraphy fonts are pure Nazi sympathisants...

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