Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday: February 28, 2014

1. Of course February goes quickly. It's the shortest month but the persistent snow has made it a month of staying in with one day seeming very much like the prior one and the next ones. Scratch most Marylanders these days and the prevailing opinion is that we are so over this winter, so over it. That's not a normal complaint round here where most years we long for a good snowfall. Enough already. When the snow thaws in places I see the tips of daffodils and yesterday I cut some forsythia branches to force. March 21 is officially spring and in a normal year, we think about turning the a/c on by the first week or two of April. We'll see what this year brings.

2. I finally started watching the current version of "House of Cards". So so good.  I'm only 2/3 done with season 1 and I may wait a bit to start season 2.  Relish it a bit. Having watched the original British version, I know what season two could bring. There was shocking badness in that original version and I can imagine it repeated in the American version.

3. Suddenly my days seem to be filled with doctors' appointments. That tends to happen at certain times of the year, and I am so grateful to have medical insurance even beyond Medicare but still. Sometimes I wistfully remember the days when a doctor's visit rarely happened in my life. I still don't get 'sick' but old age has brought more issues that need periodic checks. C'est la vie.

4.I was cooking something the other day that called for thyme. I don't have dried thyme in the house anymore but my several feet of thyme plants were deep under the snow. Today, I went through my dried spices and found I DID have one small container of my thyme, dried.  This winter has been a reminder to dry some of all my herbs AND label the containers. Yes, you would think I know better but I don't.

5. It's Feast time again! Feast from the library that is. Don't you wonder how certain books can be #1 on your hold list for months, and then suddenly a flock of them come in? Well, my ship of books came in and I'm really torn between gobbling them or binge watch more of some of the tv shows I want to see on Netflix.  I sure am prepared for any more snow. Toilet paper stocked up weeks ago and I have all the makings for bread. Milk I can do without as I drink my tea black.

Have a great weekend! I have no plans which sounds just right to me.

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