Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday: February 21, 2014

Yesterday was a very  busy day but good busy. I was out of the house a lot of the time and feel as if a lot of things jelled.

1. A great quote for those of us who drink the leaves of the tea plant.  "Teabags hold the cure to life." I don't know where I found it but I like it. Just think...after you drink your tea, you can dry the bags and make art with them!

2.  I usually feel that if I hear about something twice in one week, it's a sign that I am meant to take action. If I hear about something 3 times, I feel that time #3 is God's two by four! Two people mentioned the same chiropractor with glowing terms, so I made the decision. When I made the phone call, I noticed that he is in the same building where I used to work. How true that we tread a circular path in life. My appointment is for next Tuesday!

3. When I was looking for some oyster festivals at the beginning of the year I spotted one on Maryland's Eastern Shore for a time when my dh would be off riding his bicycle in Florida. I put it on the calendar and bought my ticket. I hope to gobble bivalves like these to my heart's content on Sunday. And if they have roast oysters I may just faint with delight!

4. What to  buy a 12 year old girl? I've been stumped by this child for the past couple of years, and while I know from her parents that what she really wants is money, I'm trying to think of a little thing to add to the cash. I need divine inspiration today!

5. Over the past couple of months I have wondered how my volunteer activities will fit together and will fit me. Yesterday, I was asked to do cooking at Hospice. First I was asked if I knew how to cook. (Is the Pope Catholic?) Yes, I said. Do I like to cook? Oh I love to cook! Would I be willing to cook dinners for the hospice guests. Of course! When I looked at the cooking calendar, Thursdays were blank. I got the picture  - on the material and spiritual level. 

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