Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday: February 14, 2014

Yes, this post has to start out with the Valentine's Day message but baby it's cold outside! We actually have a special lunch to go to compliments of our financial adviser. He does this every year and it's a nice treat. We'll see if the weather makes it possible.

1. Are you thinking about Project Life? Here's a link to a freebie from the source...Becky Higgins. A free Project Life Starter Kit. You will certainly see how easy it can be if you're ready for the digi version.

2. I had my first experience of working directly with the guests in Hospice and loved it. I'm so glad they call the people in probably their last days of life guests, and not clients or patients. It represents a whole different attitude. btw, beat the hell out of any place that calls the people in that institution as beds. People are not beds. Beds hold people. People with names.

3.I'm thinking these little albums might make a great gift for the grandchicks. I suspect they will be or are now in some independent scrapping stores. Aren't the colors dreamy?

4. I finally got round to making the slow roast beef recipe my dil gave me, saying my son and grandson devoured it. That's a good recommendation any time. 2.5 hrs per pound at 200 degrees means 10 hours cooking for a 4lb eye of round. I had to plan that pretty well since I'm not up early and functional enough to get it in for a 6 pm dinner. So I got it prepped and my dh put it in as he gets up in the dark a.m. Nice to have the oven on all day in this cold.

5. I'm seriously thinking about finding this pattern and even considering making this tunic top. It would be so nice for the summer in a linen. I love it and looking at a lot of similar items on Etsy etc, they are usually over $100. and more often sold out. I have a machine and once could sew fairly well. This looks sooo comfortable and covers a multitude of 'sins'.


Marysol said...

Happy Valentine's Day Sweets!

Photocat said...

So right you are that people are people, not beds. I am glad that your first contact with your guests went well. I admire you so much for doing this Maureen.

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