Thursday, February 13, 2014

Apps....You are Addictive

This week my dh and I talked about how many apps we have on our phones that we don't use that much or even at all any more. I don't know if he did any clearing out but I did. Then my dear enablers at Designer Digitals had to mention a few one might like. aaaargh!  The only one I succumbed to was Mobile Monet. I think I'll like this one. I really only just gave it a second or two on this image but was happy enough to scrap it. I'm so bad about taking the time to practice with these apps and have to go back and forth to remember what you do in which one.  We need NIST standards for app techniques!

Anyhow ....try this one. It's fun but it's also one you can use and modify for some interesting results. Only $1.99.

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Photocat said...

Yes Maureen, my phone and ipad are stacked with apps I use once a year. We really should get rid of them. I have found that you only learn the apps well if you use them a lot. Especially the good photography apps need a lot of learning... I just took off the free Project life kit from Becky through your post. Thanks for the link!
My real life kit has finally arrived. I can set to work now. ;o)))

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