Monday, February 10, 2014

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 4 and 5

I'm caught up and feel good about it. It's ok to not be current - getting behind sounds so discouraging, doesn't it? But I want to focus on some other things too, like travel albums and getting a bunch of my images downloaded from Flickr. I believe my relationship with Flickr is on rocky ground.

This was the week that I had to reinvent the wheel because I saved my journaling 6x12 as a merged .psd. Haste makes many mistakes, doesn't it!

Week 5 went back to 2 page spreads.

I found that I have a lot of journaling if I am diligent about using the  DayOne app.  And yes, I'm mixing rounded images with square corner Collect cards. I'm ok with that but want to get a bit more journaling on those Collect cards. I just have to test it out some time.

Do you have rules for your Project Life?

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Photocat said...

What is wrong with merged PSD? Although it would be easier to save as jpg as many companies don't print from PSD files. They take a long time to load...
I am happy with the length of the Collect text field because it makes it simple and I have to think to just say the essence... Amazing how many people do Project Life... Let's hope that our children and grandchildren like what we did... ;o))

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