Monday, February 24, 2014

AAM Monday: Antsy

Sometimes, I just can't wait to do something so I rush in without doing the things that might have been better done first. I wasn't like this when I was young. I read the manuals, checked the instructions, researched things. I suspect it took years of living to realize that you can't just keep preparing for any and all contingencies. That's fear based living.

I am constantly reminded of this as I use my Lightroom5 as a cataloging software for my digital supplies. I was soooo anxious to get this started that I ignored the sound advice to clean out my supplies before I imported them into Lightroom. Clean them out???? discard some??? God forbid!

On one hand, I can see a reason for not doing this. I really didn't know what I did have. But I was also just plain greedy I think. I wanted it all. Period. In the end, I did import it all and bit by bit I am going back and discarding things I really don't like all that much. Some of my taste has changed since I started buying in 2008 and some of the things that were free or that I bought are really not as well done as current products. Some things are classic and some are just outdated trends.

As I was doing a steady purge last weekend, I picked a couple of items as I was going along and used them to make a layout of my grandson. He was totally worn out his 1st semester in college. He pledged a fraternity, had a heavy load and in the end survived with very good grades. He is a really hard worker when he knows what he wants and I admire him for that. What I liked about doing this layout was that I had no Digi Store requirements to worry about. I could just play with what I felt like and enjoy the process in a different way. I also had a lot of digital trash at the end of the day! Good feelings all around.

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Photocat said...

I totally hear you Maureen. I take around 20.000 pics a year and used to save them all. Guess how much weeding and pruning I have to do. Grin... Our tasts do change, I guess you can be a digital hoarder too...

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