Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SOUP: Marilyn's Lasagne Soup

Back in my days on the Garden Web Cooking Forum, I 'met' some outstanding cooks.  They had a term I had never heard  'T&T' in regard to recipes. Tried and true.  Now your taste or mine might not be exactly like the poster's but the recipes were invariable solid and with a bit of tweaking the always fit our tastes. This soup was one of my earliest favorites, perfect for winter. Note how Marilyn apologized for the tomato soup. Those cooks in the Cooking Forum almost always stick to real ingredients, not chemicals, and the recipes are all the better for it!

Oh yes, they included photographs of the dish so you knew how it was supposed to look.

Marilyn...I love it!

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Marysol said...

M, how did I forget a soup that looks this delicious!
Senility, perhaps?
Whatever it is, I'm taking notes, before I forget, again.

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