Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ritual, Start My Day

Recently I read something about how important rituals are in our lives. I knew that but it's always good to be reminded of something we know to be true.

I remember when I consciously created some ritual in my life. It was a time when I needed stability as so many things in my life had changed. It was one of those times of massive upheavals when all my ground was new and uncertain. I was having to recreate my life with things as I wanted them. Some things have fallen by the wayside, no longer needed now but other rituals have remained. My mug of the day is one.

When I was working, I normally woke up at 6:00 am and had quite a bit of free, silent time until I had to be at work at 9. Sometimes I stayed in bed for a half hour, and just luxuriated in that time to think through the day ahead. When I went downstairs to make my tea, I enjoyed looking at my mugs while the water boiled and then the tea steeped. In a short time, I had a specific mug for each day. Those mugs have stayed fairly constant for 25+ years. My dh now makes my tea for me and I am retired. However, I still get a warm feeling when I go to the cupboard and select the mug of the day. It's stability and comfort.


For the most part, they are bone china mugs acquired at T.J. Max but others are heavier and have a special significance. For a long time, the Wednesday mug was from RISD, a school the young woman who could have been my daughter in law attended. She is no longer in my life, finally married to another man,  but I always remember her with love especially every Wednesday. Recently, that mug was replaced by a mug my grandson gave me, USC Grandparent. I felt the grieving time was over and made the switch with only a bit of regret.

Friday is another pottery mug, one that caught my eye in the $1. bin at Michaels. It shows a vintage chair and says Rest a Minute. Now that I am retired, I still need to remember to do that. Today? today is Thursday so it's an English bone china day, with a mug of autumny and harvest fruits. This mug is similar to my Evesham china but actually a bit prettier I think. In any case, it's my Thursday mug, and my feeling of comfort when I use it is complete. Sadly, it's holding the last cup of tea from my morning pot. But then again, I can always make more. After all, it's decaf!

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Photocat said...

Recognizable.... I have my swine cup and my corgie one. Mostly drink out of those two...

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