Sunday, January 12, 2014

Let's Tidy Up

Back Friday night from our CA trip and right away it was a cup of Tazo Rest tea that my dil gave me over Christmas. It didn't agree with her so I was trying it. I wasn't sure I liked the rose flavor - I think I had more than my share of that taste in the Middle East - but it was warm and soothing. Went to bed close to midnight and I had a good night's sleep for a rainy Saturday. I did a lot of putting away, and throwing away (junk mail) and much puttering. I also did some thinking about what I need to do before I start on the Christmas decorations.

I just didn't have it in me to start that cleanup before we left last month as it was only December 29th!  I was certainly still in the Christmas mood. But's that feeling of "I want it all gone." January is a month that makes me seriously want clean and simple. Orderly, minimal, spare.  Sadly he has no such desire for this kind of surrounding and I am far from the that kind of person myself. But it's a feeling I want. Truly. 2014 seems a good time to get back into a purging routine. We have a periodic cleaner, but one thing I certainly have learned from FlyLady is that 'you can't clean clutter.' Clutter I've got! and without some gentle encouragement I find I putter from clutter to clutter, a habit my husband calls 'shifting the dust'.  I do move my clutter often enough so I don't have much dust but he is the king of dust bunnies - which I do not touch nor do I even look in his office if I can help it.

Last year my One Little Word was less, and it didn't work into my life the way I had hoped. I did lose some weight and gained a lot more fitness, but I swear it all went to hell in a handbasket from Thanksgiving to now. Of course two trips didn't help when it's a balance of restaurant food and the difficulty of cooking in resort accommodations. I know I really miss my home and the routine of home but compromise is part of the marriage game.

These are just some of my random thoughts as I mentally and physically shift from Left Coast to Right Coast. Truthfully, as nice as it can be on the left side, and oh the food is oh so gooood, the right coast really fits me a lot better. It's good to be home!


bbland said...

It is so nice to hear that someone else moves from "clutter to clutter".. What a great description.

Renewing past years resolutions or goals that don't get fulfilled makes it easier to repost. :-)

Photocat said...

Bwwahahahah, I had no idea you were a fly lady too. I adopter her ways again this january as I do notice a difference when I am flying. It's so good for people who can't do household...
Our never ending journey through clutter... Hope you had a marvellous trip...

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