Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday: January 31, 2014

Lord almighty, January is done. That was fast! A long trip like our California trip always gets me discombobulated in regard to time. It seemed like January only started when we got back which of course is far from the truth but my inner clock didn't buy it for a while.

And this cold!  I am so done with it. Me and how many others? Mostly I can just stay inside and I do. Outdoors is so overrated right now.

1. While looking at Pinterest early this am, waiting for my space heater to get a-going, I saw a bunch of wind chimes, sadly many without directions. I'm not clueless but I prefer to know how. In any case wind chimes always take me back to the cheap old glass ones from China that used to be sold in the 5 & Dime stores. I wonder if they are still made anywhere. I loved that tinkly glass sound. Delicate.

2. I started making a red lentil soup earlier in the week. Many things got in the way and all I have are some partially cooked lentils. I wonder if I'm now making fermented lentil juice. Today is a day for a recipe search and get those babies into something. Something that included coconut milk cause I'm in a coconut mood. South Indian seems good.

3. My cortisone shot for the knee is now scheduled for Feb 10th. Thank you snowstorm for delaying that for a month. I also have to go about 20 miles to another office. Pffft. I gripe because yesterday my knee hurt a lot, and strangely the pain was on the outer side of the knee, not the usual inner side. Mysteries abound.

4. Sometimes I wonder how foolish I can still be.  My ceiling fan which gets little use in the winter was appallingly dirty. The fan is over my computer, desk, and many other bits of clutter scattered hither and yon. My cleaning intentions have not come to fruition lately but one day I decided to use a little duster I got in the $ store. Well, even with the fan off, that gentle dragging across the blades gave me a dust shower over all. Yuck. Now I still have a 3/4 dirty fan and gray dust to deal with below.

5. Is this cute or what? I've marked my chargers with green nail polish but I think they are going to get an update.


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